List of Scott Cooley songs on which Lenore Cooley appears playing accordion:

Three Mariachis ย  | ย  Cherchez La Femme ย  | ย  If I Had Time ย  | ย  Smitten With The Mitten ย  | ย  Good For Me ย  | ย  Something About New Orleans ย  |ย  ย  Any Port In A Storm ย  | ย  Taco Tuesday (Observed)ย 

Lenore Louise (Dunkel) Cooley is Scott Cooley's lovely wife, manager, booking agent, publicist, and live-in home studio session musician on accordion.ย  She has also done a few backing vocals, and played flute, keyboard, and marimba on a couple songs.ย  She also co-wrote part of one song with Scott, and probably deserves co-writing credit for her great suggestions on a few others.ย  She is featured on two of Scott's most prominent songs, playing accordion on Smitten With The Mitten, and marimba on Mackinac Island.

Light Girl

A woman of many creative talents, Lenore is also a professional "light girl" at disco party events, and is actually a somewhat famous celebrity in Toledo, Ohio of all places for this side gig.


Even more fame - Lenore featured on the Flint Institute of Music website in a photo w/ friend Tammy at Whiting Auditorium:

The lovely Lenore, aerobics queen, is prominently featured in the State News in East Lansing, MI in the following video interview:


Lenore live on marimba at Shmoopiepalooza:

Happy Anniversary Lenore!.mp4