Lenore Louise (Dunkel) Cooley is Scott Cooley's lovely wife, manager, booking agent, publicist, and live-in home studio session musician on accordion. She has also sang a few backing vocals, and played flute, keyboard, and marimba on a couple songs. She is featured on two of Scott's most prominent songs, accordion on Smitten With The Mitten, and marimba on Mackinac Island.

A related blog post on Scott Cooley's Blog that is all about Lenore: http://blog.scottcooley.com/2019/03/my-secret-weapon-my-wife-accordionist.html

A woman of many creative talents, Lenore is also a professional "light girl" at disco party events, and is actually a somewhat famous celebrity in Toledo, Ohio of all places for this side gig.

The lovely Lenore, aerobics queen, is prominently featured in the State News in East Lansing, MI in the following video interview: