Bluebird Days

studio album #9 (2020)

This album features bold acoustic ski bum garage rock songs with traces of folk, blues, funk, punk, psychedelic, reggae, art rock and Americana mostly about wanting to fly high and ski on sunny powder days in the mountains to escape the blues.


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Liner Notes

Copyright Β© & Sound Recording Published β„— 2020 by Scott Cooley.Β  All words & music for all songs written by Scott Cooley.Β  All rights reserved.Β  All songs arranged, produced, recorded, mixed & mastered at Scott Cooley Music Productions studio in Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA by Scott Cooley.Β  All vocals, guitars, bass, ukulele, piano, marimba, harmonica, drums, percussion & whistling performed by Scott Cooley.Β  Studio album released June 21st, 2020 on Scott Cooley Records catalog # SCR09 with cover art photograph by Richard E. Cooley.Β  Total playing time 61 minutes.Β 

Cover Art



Scott Cooley Records Announces the New Album "Bluebird Days" from Solo Artist Scott Cooley


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE from Grand Blanc, Michigan - Releasing songs from the vault just like setting free birds from cages is the unique thing surrounding the announcement of the release of solo artist Scott Cooley's 9th studio record album, which contains 13 new original songs, and will be available in online music stores on June 21st, 2020.

Bluebird Days is firmly in the acoustic garage rock genre Cooley has helped popularize since the late 80's with traces of folk, blues, funk, punk, psychedelic, reggae, art rock and Americana.Β  Details include the fact that Scott has literally done all of the work on this album himself - writing and arranging the songs, producing the album, singing the vocals, playing the instruments, recording, mixing, mastering, with the only help coming from Scott's late father Richard E. Cooley, who took the cover photograph.

This album gets its title from the fact that there are several songs that fall into one of three categories- they're either 1) about birds or flying,Β  2) about the blues or feeling blue, or 3) inspired by Scott's past experiences as a ski bum who lived for those sunny days spent skiing after a foot of fresh snow had fallen the night before.Β  The rest sort of fit this theme enough to neatly fill out a full album.

Aside from the title, the next unique thing might be the fact that there are no clear "singles" as this is a collection of castaway candidate songs that were recorded for past projects.Β  Resurrected from the cutting room floor, this is a previously unreleased group of new originals by the award-winning songwriter that originally had the working title of "Leftovers."Β  Bluebird Days will certainly prove to many that the more imperfect, bold, politically incorrect, negative, rebellious, controversial, and uncensored outtakes and rejects are not only pleasant, but preferred!

Just because they haven't been on a record before doesn't mean they aren't already familiar to Cooley's closest fans - many have either been in the live repertoire, or have appeared in some previous state on past bootleg CDs, with the first incarnations of some appearing on cassette tapes in first-take rough draft form - either from live living room jams or 4-track demos shared amongst his earliest appreciators.Β 

Cooley officially started his own independent label back in 2004 and has released a new record every two years - in even numbered years - ever since.Β  Many of these songs were candidates to be released on those albums, but for one reason or another, were shelved.Β  Maybe these misfit songs will appeal to each of us who've felt like misfits at some point in our lives.

Somewhat due to popular demand among those who've heard these tunes before, they're now finally available:Β  "People in my close inner circle have bugged me about releasing some of these almost as much as they've bugged me to record with an electric guitar and drum machine, and although they all feature acoustic guitars and real drums, I've finally caved in to their whim to compile these past weed-outs, which might be more appealing to certain types of fans than others." ~Scott Cooley

Shows planned in support of the new album include a private, annual lakeside festival in northern Michigan.Β  Otherwise, we are unable to confirm any radio play the album will be receiving, and similarly, we're not aware of any forthcoming reviews in well-known publications or on respected websites at this time.Β  Stay tuned to for related forthcoming information.

Press inquiries may be directed to Scott personally via the contact info at top, right of this page.Β  For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview, please feel free to contact Scott directly using any convenient means you prefer at