Love Is Like A Rose


"Love Is Like A Rose"

Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

Love is like a rose, it's gonna die in just a couple of days

She can keep it in water, near a window to soak in some rays

It's pretty in the beginning, then it wilts over the edge of the vase

Smells so good at first

Next thing you know it's stinkin' up the place

Love is like a rose, it's never worth what you have to pay

It might come with a card

But it never says what she wished it would say

Just when she gets used to it, it's time to throw it away

Living things all die, and that's why love's never here to stay

Love is short and painful, it grows until it gets cut down

With promises of forever that never seem to stick around

Like a thorn in your side, she lies but you keep hangin' on

It's too late when you realize, it dies before you know it's gone

Love is like a rose, it's pleasing to your eyes and your nose

It's the gift that says I wanna see you out of your clothes

But as the petals fall, love comes to a close

Nothing's meant to last, love is like a rose

Copyright Β© β„— 2020 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.