Bluebird Days II

studio album #10 (2022)

The 10th studio album, mistakenly released as the 9th (see story below) ,w/ more songs about birds, flight, feeling blue, blue skies, and skiing in the sun in new snow from the night before, inspired by Scott's reckless ski bum years in Colorado in the early 90s, one with lovely wife Lenore on accordion!

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Liner Notes

All words & music for all songs written by Scott Richard Cooley.ย  Copyright ยฉ & Sound Recording Published โ„— 2022 by Scott Richard Cooley, ASCAP.ย  All rights reserved.ย  All songs arranged, produced, recorded, mixed & mastered at Scott Cooley Music Productions studio in Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA by Scott Cooley.ย  All vocals, guitars, bass, ukulele, piano, marimba, drums & percussion performed by Scott Cooley.ย  Accordion on track #13 by Lenore L. Cooley.ย  Studio album released June 21st, 2022 on Scott Cooley Records catalog # SCR10 with cover art photograph by Richard E. Cooley.ย  Total playing time 46 minutes.ย ย 



Album art

Release Details:ย  The Early Bird Gets Its Worm

Due to a snafu by the distributor, this album was released on Jan. 29, 2019 by mistake, instead of June 21, 2022 as intended, which was to be two years after Bluebird Days, its predecessor which has yet to be released, but is still presumably due to be released on June 21, 2020.ย  Scott Cooley intentionally wanted his next two albums to be released on June 21, 2020, and then on June 21, 2022 respectively, and got the first done near the end of 2018, and the latter done near the beginning of 2019.ย ย 

Since Scott had two albums of material "in the can" he uploaded them in advance and specified that they automatically be scheduled for release on the specified future date of June 21, only two years apart, respectively in the years 2020 and 2022, which is a thing the distributor allowed.ย  According to them, there was a metadata error and failure in their system that allowed for an activation date that was not accepted by partner sites which resulted in Bluebird Days II being made live despite the release date being far into the future.

The distributor honored this for the first Bluebird Days album which presumably will still be released in 2020 as specified, but the distributor mistakenly released the second one before the first, and did so on Jan 29, 2019 - a full 3 and 1/2 years early.ย  Intending that it be a follow-up or sequel album to the album simply titled Bluebird Days, it appears that the original or prequel as it has now become, Bluebird Days (I or one), is still scheduled to be released on the originally-specified future release date, even though its successor, Bluebird Days II (2 or two), has already been released first.

One weird fact about this whole thing is that Scott is a fan of Neil Young, and Neil once released an album called Chrome Dreams II, which was supposedly the sequel to an unreleased, scrapped original album called Chrome Dreams, which itself had a song on it entitled "Beautiful Bluebird," a purely coincidental fact that had no bearing on either this album's name or the naming of the title of its sister album with no roman numerals after it's name.

Scott Cooley Records Announces the New Album "Bluebird Days II" from Solo Artist Scott Cooley

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE from Grand Blanc, Michigan - Just as with its predecessor, Bluebird Days, releasing the follow-up album, Bluebird Days II, is another act of setting free previously-caged birds, and the sequel is guaranteed to satisfy those who loved the first.ย  Independent solo recording artist Scott Cooley's 10th full-length studio record contains 13 new original songs, and will be available in online music stores on June 21st, 2022.ย  Complete details: ย

Bluebird Days II is another mix of the acoustic garage rock, folk punk, and Americana styles Cooley has helped define, revive and sustain respectively since the late 90s, with traces of blues, funk, psychedelic, reggae, and art rock with the unplugged, DIY aesthetic for which he is known.ย  Again Cooley did everything himself - he wrote the songs, recorded himself performing them, etc., with the only assistance coming from Scott's late father Richard E. Cooley, who took the cover photograph, and his lovely wife Lenore who played the accordion on the last track.

Also like the first Bluebird Days, this album gets its title from the fact that there are several songs that fall into one of three categories- they're either 1) about birds or flying,ย  2) about the color blue or feeling blue, or 3) inspired by Scott's past experiences as a ski bum who lived for those sunny blue-sky days spent skiing after a foot of fresh snow had fallen the night before.ย  The rest sort of fit this theme enough to neatly fill out yet another record in the same vein.

This collection of both new and rewritten/re-recorded versions of older recording project candidate songs that were previously weeded out, includes some that had their beginnings in Cooley's live performance days in Colorado.ย  Those die-hard fans in possession of early 90s live bootlegs and rare, studio cassette tape recordings will already be familiar with and will especially appreciate this previously-unreleased group of new and/or resurrected originals by the award-winning songwriter.ย  Many have either been in the live repertoire, or have appeared in some previous state on past bootleg CDs, with the first incarnations of some appearing in first-take rough draft form - either from live living room jams, open mic nights, with duos & bands, or even 4-track demos shared amongst his earliest appreciators.ย 

This batch will please those who knew a more daring Scott Cooley in his reckless youth, as many prefer the more bold, politically incorrect, rebellious, controversial, blatantly honest and/or uncensored outtakes and rejects and think they are actually among the best songs he has to offer.

Due to popular demand for more of the same by those who heard the first Bluebird Days and insisted many tunes they'd heard before were still unreleased, they're now finally available:ย  "Once people heard the first Bluebird Days album, they wanted more.ย  Knowing several fan favorites still remained unreleased, Cooley dug deeper into the archives to bring new life to many, and in the process, became inspired to write several more along the same lines.ย  This follow-up is another example of giving the people what they want!" ~Scott Cooley

Cooley officially started his own eponymous independent microlabel back in 2004 and has since never failed to release a new record every two years - in even numbered years - of a dozen or so previously-unreleased originals.ย  Maybe these formerly-shelved, misfit songs will appeal to each of us who've felt like misfits at some point in our lives, and in their new, slightly-improved states, do indeed represent the best Cooley has to offer from his own misfit experiences from an arguably misspent youth.

At the time of publication, we are unable to confirm any planned shows, radio play, or forthcoming reviews from well-known and/or respected print or online publications the album will be receiving.ย  Stay tuned to for related information as it becomes available.

Press inquiries may be directed to Scott personally via the contact info at top, right of this page.ย  For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview, please feel free to contact Scott directly using any convenient means you prefer at