True Love


"True Love"

Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

You said I should ask her out, then you changed your mind

Then you said I should again, that's when

I knew I would, I had a secret crush

I wasn't in a rush, but then I hurried 'cause I worried

You would get to her first, but I had to win

And I did, I did it with a grin

It made me want to sing, made me want to shout

Although I had my doubts, I couldn't let 'em out

Wasn't careful what I wished, missed my turn to boast

Thought I'd make the most of it, I got so close, true love

Thought I loved her for a while, then I didn't, then I did

Then I didn't again, when

I realized I loved her all along

Now I sing a different song, it's all sad and wrong

I'm not singin' out loud, but I'm singin' in my head

I feel dead, like my heart's been bled

I broke it off in between, 'cause I couldn't foresee

What would happen to me, now I'm painfully free

Know I made a mistake, too hard on myself

Guess I needed a break, it wasn't somethin' I could fake, true love

How can you tell when it's real?

When strong and deep is what you feel

Down in your soul, how do you know?

When attraction grows, but then it comes and goes

I knew we were a perfect match

Only after we fought and got unattached

When you're not sure, and you make it go away

But it comes back to stay, and time never makes it fade

She bugged me for a while, really got on my nerves

Then she didn't, then she did, then she didn't again, when

I realized she didn't bug me at all

But it was too late, and that was my fate

Too late and too proud, now I'm thinkin' too loud

Guess I need to quiet down, 'till there's no sound

Like my phone that never rings, she never calls, I never sing

Might not ever again, sounds like the end

I can't sing without her, and it bugs me still

I guess it always will, it's a bitter pill, true love, true love

Copyright Β© β„— 2022 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.