studio album #12 (2024)

The 12th studio album, marking 20 years since the 1st, is mostly upbeat acoustic rock, a couple ballads, one real folk song, and a couple walzes primarily played on acoustic guitar, most with drums and bass, some augmented with piano, and one each with flute, harmonica, electric piano, cello, and marimba.  Two feature accordion by Lenore Cooley!  Even though it touches on loss, it also offers songs about love and is more hopeful and happy than past releases.

Liner notes

Copyright © 2024 by Scott Richard Cooley.  All rights reserved.  Music and lyrics for all 13 songs written by Scott Richard Cooley, published and administered by Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing (ASCAP).  Lyrics used by permission only.  The twelfth Scott Cooley studio album released June 21st 2024 on the Scott Cooley Records label (catalog #SCR12).  Sound recordings copyright ℗ 2024 by Scott Cooley.  Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.  Produced, arranged, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Scott Cooley at Scott Cooley Music Productions studio in Michigan, USA.  All vocals and instruments performed by Scott Cooley, which include the singing of lead, harmony & backing vocals;  the playing of rhythm & lead acoustic guitar;  bass guitar;  keyboard – including piano, electric piano, cello & flute;  harmonica;  marimba;  drums & percussion.  Lenore Cooley sang a single word one time in “Love You Forever,” and played accordion on “The Trees” and “Until We Meet Again”.  Cover art photograph by Richard E. Cooley.

Behind the music