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# of Original Songs Released To Date: 128



Moon Dreams

  1. Early Mornin' Rain

  2. Midnight On The Moon

  3. Morning Star

  4. Light Years

  5. Under The Sun

  6. A Star Named After You

  7. Confess

  8. It's Been Too Long

  9. Serenity

  10. Better Days

  11. Watchin' The World Go By

  12. Blame It On The Moon

  13. Into The Sunset

Lakeside Landing

  1. Shoreline Miles

  2. What Makes The World Go 'Round

  3. Keeping Me At Bay

  4. Haul Away On The Halyard

  5. Shred Betty

  6. Lakeside Landing

  7. Wake Of A Great Lakes Freighter

  8. Lonely Lover's Lullaby

  9. Against The Tide

  10. Over The Waves

  11. Fun In The Sun

  12. All For Me Grog

  13. Mackinac Island

Drive Time Companion

  1. Torn In Two

  2. Road To Me

  3. Puttin' Up A Pole Barn

  4. Here To Listen

  5. Returning To The Scene

  6. Doin' Nothin'

  7. One More Mile To McDonald's

  8. In My El Camino

  9. So Money

  10. Cooley's Rap

  11. Too Much Coffee

  12. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

  13. Happy Go Lucky

Sense Of Belonging

  1. Forever A Memory

  2. Stay

  3. Three Mariachis

  4. Find My Way Back Home

  5. Without You

  6. King For A Day

  7. Your First True Love

  8. The River Of No Return

  9. Homesick

  10. Love Me Or Leave Me Alone

  11. What Money Can't Buy

  12. This Land Is Your Land

  13. The Invisible Man

Cherchez La Femme

  1. Forever In Shame

  2. I Did A Bad Thing

  3. Cherchez La Femme

  4. My Sweetheart, My Darling

  5. Too Close For Comfort

  6. What About Me?

  7. Hot Sauce

  8. She Got Even

  9. Please Louise

  10. With All Of My Heart

  11. You're So Beautiful

  12. No Reason Flowers

  13. If I Had Time

Used To Be Good Looking

  1. Used To Be Good Looking

  2. I Care

  3. I Know I Love You

  4. Up North

  5. Fine On A Friday

  6. B. C.

  7. Brought It On Myself

  8. American Dream

  9. Algoma Central Blues

  10. Happily Mad

  11. Magazine

  12. Goin' Up To Leadville

  13. Great Lakes Blues

  14. Smitten With The Mitten

Rest Assured

  1. I Take Some Getting Used To

  2. Show Up

  3. Burn Your Candles

  4. Good For Me

  5. So Shy

  6. Baby Please Come Home

  7. Coney

  8. Call Me Crazy

  9. Hell On Earth

  10. Whatever Floats Your Boat

  11. Where There's Smoke

  12. Something About New Orleans

  13. No One To Call

Missing The Boat

  1. I Won't Forget You

  2. Got It Made

  3. Missing The Boat

  4. Your Own Private Island

  5. Warm All The Time

  6. Time To Get Loose

  7. Sand In My Suitcase

  8. Go With The Flow

  9. A Tiki Torch For You

  10. Rogue Wave

  11. It's Not Gonna Be OK

  12. Sink Or Swim

  13. Shipwreck Waiting To Happen

Bluebird Days

  1. Together Now

  2. Too Late To Turn Back Now

  3. Birds and Worms

  4. Trampoline

  5. A Wonderful Way To Fall

  6. Blue Devils

  7. Boxed In

  8. Lonesome Hobo Blues

  9. Look It Up

  10. Big Air

  11. She’s A Dodo

  12. Love Is Like A Rose

  13. When I'm Gone

Bluebird Days II

  1. Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

  2. Mountain Time

  3. Hope

  4. In The Winterim

  5. Forever Blue

  6. Birds Of Prey

  7. Green Love

  8. True Love

  9. Feather in Cap

  10. Stuck In The Wrong Dimension

  11. Stepping Stone

  12. Brain Dead

  13. Any Port In A Storm