A Star Named After You

"A Star Named After You"

Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

I went and did it, I've gone and done it

So go ahead and check it out

Could’ve bought you a diamond, could’ve bought you a car

Step outside tonight, and see how special you are

I bought you a star, there it is over there

I bought you a star, just tilt your head up and stare

I bought you a star, and I named it after you

And now you know that my love is true

It's official, I’ve got the paper work to prove it

Just thought I’d go ahead and do it

We'll use a telescope, and chances are we’ll go far

You’re one in a million, you know that you are

Repeat chorus

A born romantic, that’s me

I had to have it, and now you can see

It’s yours alone for forever more

You can never say that I’m a bore

After I bought it, oops, someone else bought it too

They sold the same star to some other dude

They charged us each a fortune, should be put behind bars

Some day you’re gonna pay, you know who you are

Repeat chorus

A fool in love, that’s me

Some things in life, should always be free

Make a wish and maybe it’ll come true

Maybe you’ll wish it wasn’t such a stupid thing for me to do

Repeat chorus

Copyright © ℗ 2004 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.

On this one, I played a djembe for a "kick" track, a snare, two rhythm acoustic tracks panned wide, a hi-hat cymbal, acoustic bass, lead guitar, and lead vocal - a typical combination for me.