To spare you the embarassment of singing the words wrong, this page serves as an index of links to song pages that display the lyrics for each song.  They are organized cronologically under the released album title on which the song appeared, listed by track order (album position number).  The song pages linked to in the list below are the most authoritative, accurate, complete and reliable sources for the lyrics written by Scott Richard Cooley, based on the official released studio album recording versions, as typed up and placed on the pages by the songwriter himself.  Each song page also contains other information such as song descriptions, playing time duration,  download links, streaming capability, and notes on the recording sessions, personnel and instrumentation in addition to the lyrics. 

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Lyrics for Scott Cooley’s songs are reprinted by permission only.  Refer to the Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing page for more information, or Contact us for consideration of your request by a representative from our print publication department.  Electronic copies of Lyrics and/or Lead Sheets can be made available to you via e-mail attachment, download from this site, or hard paper copies via postal mail.

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Featured Lyric (Sheet Music) File

Free PDF Download:  "Smitten With The Mitten" - Sheet Music:   SmittenWithTheMitten-SheetMusic.pdf