Better Days

"Better Days"

Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

From Detroit to Chicago, Memphis to New Orleans

In the Missippi delta, livin' on green beans

Had the blues in all these places, never felt so low-down

I sing the devil's music as I go from town to town

I can always find a gig, but the owners don't always pay

Lord knows, I've seen better days

When the levees broke, and everywhere a flood

Saw the high water marks, the body counts and the blood

Must be some kinda magic, somebody castin' a spell

Maybe it's the devil collecting his due from hell

I'm no stranger to witches and their evil ways

Lord knows, I've seen better days

I've had hard knocks, and my share of misery

Been locked up a long time, with no one to set me free

The people with the power, they're keeping me down

Don't want me to rise and join them, afraid of what may be found

They even burned my guitar, they set it a blaze

Lord knows, I've seen better days

I'm guilty of lyin', and cheatin' some too

But all it ever did was make me feel more blue

Times are tough, it's hard to find a job

And I'm too proud to beg, borrow, steal or rob

I've slept outside in the snow, with nowhere to stay

Lord knows, I've seen better days

Done my share of gambling, can't say I've ever won

Had people try to kill me with a knife or a gun

Drunk so many nights, next day didn't remember a thing

Had a lotta women, but never gave one a ring

They say that good things come to people who pray

Lord help me, I've seen better days

Copyright Β© β„— 2004 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.