Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

Confess, you’ve got a burden to bear

Honesty the’s best policy, and it’s time to clear the air

Admit your guilt, of your adulterous offense

Trust me it’s the right thing, and there’ll be no need for evidence

If you have faith in me, I know you’ll profess…

Confess, disclose your sin

Then we can reconcile our differences, so both of us can win

I know it’s on your conscience, and it’s weighing you down

We both know what you’re not saying, but I need to hear the sound

So speak your peace and then you’ll be blessed...confess

It’s not healthy to keep your crime bottled up inside your mind

You’re a prisoner of your secrets serving life sentence time

But I can parole you and release you from your distress

Forgive and forget, it’s what we do when we’re at our best

Confess, it’s too late for you to lie

Just state the fact that you cheated, no need to know the reason why

Nobody’s perfect, so set the record straight

You’re only gonna feel worse, the longer you wait

So do us both a favor, and clean up this mess...confess

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Last Verse

The truth shall set you free, so get it off your chest...confess

Copyright © ℗ 2004 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.