This Is Goodbye


Words and Music Copyright © ℗ 2022 by Scott Richard Cooley

It hurts too much to stay so this is goodbye

I won't be around in the morning when you rise

This is it, it's over for now

I'm lost but you've already been found

It's for the best, and I know you can guess why

I'm calling it quits, and this is goodbye

It's hard to live with my mistake, so this is goodbye

When I'm alone again, I know I'll cry

Over losing a love so true

Deep in my heart I'll be with you

Through it all lasting past a lifetime

We need to split so this is goodbye

Every morning when I wake

As dreams of you fade

These happy memories of you I'll never lose

They're real and they'll stay

Until my dying day

I'm eternally thankful for the time I had with you

The damage can't be undone, so this is goodbye

It won't be long and time will fly

We'll each find fun again when apart

It's sad we had such a bad start

The timing was wrong but it felt so right

I'll reminisce, but this is goodbye

I could beg you to forgive me, but this is goodbye

It's real and it feels like the last time

We'll ever see each other again

But I know we'll be together when

We say hello in heavenly skies

Such bliss, but this is goodbye

It's too late for another try, so this is goodbye

I'll see you again in the next life

In this one we couldn't find a way

To make it work for another day

I'm heartbroken and the end is in sight

I'll always miss you but this is goodbye

We can't avoid this trouble

But there's light down the tunnel

I believe in second chances and I have faith

And then before you know it

This suffering will be over

We'll be reunited and love will cure the pain

I will learn to be a better man, but this is goodbye

Tomorrow is a new day, and we can put the past behind

Ending it now could be a lifesaver

Think of me doing us both a favor

Before you close your eyes to fall asleep tonight

One last kiss, and this is goodbye


There were a couple of issues with the lead vocal on this one I wish I would've been patient enough to fix by re-singing it, but didn't.  It was a first take, and I thought at the time it was about as good as I could do it, so I left it this way.  It's the way I sang some of the lines:  not sure how to describe it, but the pronunciation had the emphasis on the wrong syllables in a few spots.  Oh well.  Also, it could've benefitted from more editing because it's too long.