Christmas Is Cancelled

Words and Music Copyright © ℗ 2022 by Scott Richard Cooley

A holiday song about the cancellation of Christmas in 2020 due to the Coronavirus, in the style of a piano ballad, that describes the unique worldwide changes and challenges that the narrator overcomes via a positive outlook about enjoying a break from tradition. 

Words and music written by Scott Richard Cooley, copyright © 2020.  

Christmas is cancelled, and that’s alright with me

No indoor gatherings, due to Covid-19

Christmas is cancelled, this year we’re free

We’ll say hi on Zoom, forget about the tree

Christmas is cancelled

We’ll have less stress from driving, we’ll relax like never before

We’ll skip shopping and wrapping presents, let Amazon bring ‘em to the door

Christmas is cancelled, we’re stocked up with food and TP

We told Trump he was fired, that’s all the glee I need

We’ve celebrated your birthday Jesus, for over two thousand years

We need a second coming in two thousand twenty-one, to stop the dying, the fears and the tears

Maybe Christ is made up, like the news on the Fox channel      

Our country’s getting’ bluer, and that’s better than getting dismantled

Christmas is cancelled, and it’s going to be okay    

We won’t lose hope, we’ll get a vaccine someday

Till then enjoy a break from all the usual holiday hassles

Christmas is cancelled

Genre:  Holiday

Length:  3:07

IRSC:  ushm22209722