When I'm With You

Words and Music Copyright © ℗ 2022 by Scott Richard Cooley



Folk pop

A song about the simple joy of being with the one you love, and how absence from that person makes you realize how much they do for your well-being, delivered with acoustic guitar fingerpicking, jazz organ, acoustic bass and light percussion.

You bring out the best in me, I can’t get enough

You prop me up when the going gets rough

When I’m by myself, the time away is tough

Without you I can’t help it I sweat the small stuff

Alone I’m a cold and dark man, with you I can’t believe how lucky I am

When I’m with you I feel high, our time together flies

I’m doin’ just fine when I’m with you

When I’m with you you’re just like a ray of sunshine

Everything’s alright when I’m with you

You make the simple things fun, I never get bored

You make me notice the details I never did before

When I’m by myself, life can seem like such a chore

Without you I dream of being with you some more

Alone life is slow and sad, with you I’m free to be a happy man