Words and Music Copyright Β© β„— 2022 by Scott Richard Cooley

More of a 90s style acoustic alternative indie rocker, this mid-tempo tune covers the difficult subject of addiction, how it affects a relationship by putting strain on it, and how it must ultimately involve gearing up for abstinence by admitting the issue.Β 

isrc #:Β  ushm22209732

duration:Β  4:17

Β© β„— 2022 Scott Richard Cooley

I know you wouldn't bring it up if you didn't love me

I know I'm lucky I'm not living all alone

Why would anyone ever wanna make things worse

Why would I wanna make you sad, when the truth is known

I promise to stop making promises to you

Quit saying I'll quit when you're forcing me to


Can't keep you from trying, so I'll keep just this one

You'll be the first to know, when I'm finally done


Not gonna set a date, I'll make you wait 'till I'm ready

I know it hurts you too, when I'm not stable or steady

I know it's 'cause you care, but it's uncalled for

And I don't ever want to let you down anymore

No more declarations of what I'll do, no more expectations to live up to

I promise to stop making promises to you

On one hand I understand why you're unhappy with me


On the other you're not my mother and I'm a grown man


A part of me believes that what I'm doing is wrong

A part of you needs me to be the best that I can