It's Been Too Long

"It's Been Too Long"

Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

Standin’ in line at the free local’s keg

It’s Thursday night, and I ain’t too proud to beg

It’s bringin’ back all those memories

Back when we were young and wild and free

Dancin’ and a-carryin’ on, drinkin ‘ and a-singin’ along

And now they’re playin’ your favorite song, you know that one by Stevie Ray Vaughn..

It’s been too long, since I’ve seen your pretty face

It’s been too long, since I’ve been back in this place

It’s been too long, since I’ve heard your beautiful voice

It’s been too long, since I have had a choice

I forgot how happy I could be, when you were around

I’ve been livin’ in misery, since you’ve been gone

It's been too long

Watchin’ Blues Effect at the Sundance Saloon

Steppin’ out for a smoke and a-howlin’ at the moon

I’m doin’ all these things that we used to do

Nothing’s changed, but it’s not the same without you

Repeat Pre

Repeat Chorus

Copyright © ℗ 2004 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.

This is pretty close to what the template might sound like for an Acoustic Garage Rock song. Imagine if the Stooges were just starting to jam together in a Michigan garage in the late 60s with only acoustic instruments before they got really good, this might be somewhat close to what that could sound like. Complete with a Neil Young style guitar solo that starts out with one repeated note. Repeatedly bent, just like the guy in the song. Probably the only Scott Cooley song to ever have a name check in it, he directly and unabashedly drops the SRV moniker from a perspective of fandom, as the protagonist character is having a great time at a bar while remembering other, past great times in a bar when he was not only having a great time in a bar, starting to feel a good beer buzz while talking to a hot babe he has a thing for, but then their mutually favorite live band they are enjoying listening to is playing her favorite song, which also happens to be one of his, and they are simultaneously psyched and experiencing a life is awesome right now moment. Although they should never be mentioned in the same sentence as Scott Cooley the artist, the Stooges, Neil, and Stevie Ray were all huge influences, despite him sounding nothing like them.