No One To Call

"No One To Call"

Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

Ever since you left him, and he heard you might marry again

I don't know if he can live without you

And I'm worried he's near the end

There he is, home from work again

And not a damn thing goin' on

He's got nowhere to go, and nothin' to do

Except to mow the lawn

Says he doesn't know, how it got to be like this

But he knows he doesn't like it at all

He finds himself sittin' there all alone

And he's got no one to call

The weekend's coming up, the calendar's blank

He ain't got no plans

He's single again, his dog's his only friend

It's no fun when you become an old man

Doesn't know what to do, since you decided to move

He doesn't feel like walkin' around at the mall

So all he does is just sit around

With no one to call

It used to be he had so many lady friends

He felt bad when he had to choose

He'd have five different numbers for a Friday night

Now he doesn't even need an excuse

Every weekend there was someone new

But when he finally settled down, it was with you, just you

Now he just stays at home, with his old dumb phone

Sad, lonely and blue

He wonders when or if, things will ever change

And he'll get back to that old situation

Back like it was, when he had your love

And every day felt just like a vacation

When there's nothing on TV and nothing to read

He just stares at your picture on the wall

All by himself and just sittin'

'Cause he's got no one to call

Everyone thinks it would be better, if you two got back together

Save him before he falls

All he can think of to do, is to sit and think of you

So do me a favor, give him someone to call

Copyright Β© β„— 2016 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.