Green Love


"Green Love"

Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

Wallowing under a weeping willow tree

I can't get the birds to sing for me

So I moan to myself in misery

Feeling afraid that I'll never be free

They say that love is blind, but my love for you was green

Rain cloud keeps on following me

Wherever I go it's too dark to see

Cold and wet with no place to be

The doors are all locked, and I don't have the key

I've still got the blues, because my love for you was green

Your character had so much color

It ran over mine 'cause I was naive

Love can't ever be black and white

It's all about the grey in between

I keep getting stung by these bumble bees

I wonder should I get down on my knees

Somebody anybody help me please

Set my mind at ease before the heart freeze

At first it felt red-hot, but my love for you was green

Your confidence was what I envied

Your experience intimidated me

My love faded into the background

I learned to let high contrast bleed

Waiting and wondering and wishing I could leave

Whisked away is what I'd like to be

Whispering windy on a warm breeze

Floating away to the clear blue sea

Next time I'll know better, but my love for you was green

Maybe soon I'll wake up and realize it's all just a bad dream

At least now I admit it, my love for you was green

Copyright Β© β„— 2022 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.