She's A Dodo


"She's A Dodo"

Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

When she looks at you she smiles so deviously, she's a dodo

When you meet her you fall in love immediately, she's a dodo

She'd get away with murder, if looks could kill, she's a dodo

She aims to please, with impressive skill, she's a dodo

She's perfectly built, but a little bit dense

Why every guy wants her? It makes perfect sense

She's a symbol of obsolescence, she's a dodo

She's a bird of a feather, wants to flock together, she's a dodo

Out lookin' for action, can't get no satisfaction, she's a dodo

Her head's in the clouds, and she talks too loud, she's a dodo

She's the ultimate flirt, smokin' hot in a skirt, she's a dodo

She loves to walk on the wild side

Livin' like she knows it's near the end of the line

Every night a different guy, she's not likely to thrive, she's a dodo

She rules the dance floor, dresses like a cheap whore, she's a dodo

Always looks bored, and she always wants more, she's a dodo

She gets too high, but she's never sure why, she's a dodo

She's one of a kind, but so easy to find, she's a dodo

She wasn't made to fly or last

But until she goes extinct, she's livin' life fast

Thinks it's '69 at the Whiskey A-Go-Go, she's a dodo

She's a chick who dug me, then she drugged me, she's a dodo

She believes in free love, kind of looks like a dove, she's a dodo

Walks from fling to fling, 'cause she ain't got wings, she's a dodo

Outdated and endangered, but to her no one's a stranger, she's a dodo

One chromosome short of achieving flight

She's down to earth, but her future's not bright

Far out, right on and out of sight, she's a dodo

She's a bird, but she cannot fly, she's a dodo

She'll break your heart, and you'll never know why, she's a dodo

Her kind won't survive, but she's still alive, she's a dodo

Lives like a hippie from another time, she's a dodo

Evolution can be so cruel

She comes from an island with a bad gene pool

Someday they'll learn about her in school, she's a dodo

She's a dodo

Copyright Β© β„— 2020 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.