Your Own Private Island


"Your Own Private Island"

Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

If you make enough money, you can buy your own private island

Your outlook will be sunny, through friendly skies to your island

When the weekend comes, and you're feelin' bored

Get in your private plane for the ultimate reward

Just you and your money, flyin' to your own private island

If you make enough money, you can buy your own private island

It might sound funny, plotting a course to your new island

You can make your own rules, no one to tell you what to do

Just step on your yacht, and take a short cruise

Just you and your money, sailin' to your own private island

Post a sign that says no trespassing

Fly a flag that says don't tread on me

Get plastic surgery and change your name

Fake your own death and make an escape

If you make enough money, you can buy friends on other islands

Form your own exclusive club, only for owners of islands

After you're isolated from the common folks' world

Hop around and act royal like a duke or an earl

Just you and your new friends, pretending on your private islands

Any time you get lonely, you can buy a wife for your island

Don't have to be the only one, livin' the good life on your island

When you have so much money, you don't need love

When your live-in French maid doesn't get the job done

Just you and your honey, married on your own private island

Get away from city traffic and make your own noise

Build your dream home and fill it up with your toys

You can be the professor, she can be your Mary Ann

Bang on your bongo drums and get a full-body tan

When one just won't be enough, you can buy another private island

You can grow your own stuff, and get high on your own second island

For the man who has everything, what's left to do

Stock it up with your favorite food, drugs and booze

Just your money and you, losin' on your two private islands

Copyright Β© β„— 2018 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.