Sink Or Swim


"Sink Or Swim"

Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

You're lookin' for a perfect catch

But when your hook is in, he's gonna get away

And the bait that you use, you're surely gonna lose

But it won't matter anyway

You might have a line on him, but no strength to reel him in

You're gonna wind up in the water, and then it's sink or swim

You're waitin' for your ship to come in

But when it does, I know it's goin' down

It may look safe and sound, it may get you off the ground

But he's gonna let you drown

I may be goin' out on a limb, but you can do so much better than him

He'll make you walk the plank, and then it's sink or swim

Well there's so many ships in the ocean

There's a whole lotta fish in the sea

Don't forget to take your suntan lotion

'Cause you're gonna get burned without me

You're hopin' for fun in the sun

But when it comes, it's not gonna last

Clouds will get in the way, and when it starts to rain

The wind's gonna blow way too fast

You'll be livin' in sin, where you just can't win

You're goin' overboard, and then it's sink or swim

Out past the bay when he casts you away

I won't be around to hear you cryin' for help

Since you left me for him yesterday

You're gonna have to rescue yourself

You thought you could do better, now you're just a dead letter

You can't be delivered or returned

With no life preserver, no silent observer

Like me anymore to be concerned

Your outlook will be grim, and your chances slim

You missed the boat with me, and now it's sink or swim

Copyright Β© β„— 2018 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.