Together Now


"Together Now"

Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

We need to pray to Ullr, the Norse god of snow

Sacrifice a pair of skis and burn 'em 'till they glow

Maybe sacrifice some cells, wake up in a haze

Ready for freshies with so many trails to blaze

Together now, we'll make the clouds dump snow all night

Together now, and when we wake the sun will shine bright

Together now, we’ll pray to ski another bluebird day

Together now, 'till then we're like surfers with no waves

Just like the Vikings, we'll do a snow dance

Sing and drink ourselves into a hypnotic trance

Around the fire roastin' twinkies to keep the stoke high

As ashes float up, big flakes will float down from the sky

Together now, we'll make it through this snowy night

Together now, when we awake the sun will shine bright

Together now, get raccoon tans while we ski in champagne

Together now, trackin' up the bowls and soakin' in the rays

Tonight we'll dream of sunny snorkeling

Tomorrow we'll scream with every face shot scene

And from the chairs we'll cheer each other on

Knowing local's secret stashes last all day long

Together now, we know it's gonna snow all night

Together now, and in the morning clouds are out of sight

Together now, because we live for waist-deep ways

Together now, with fatties we can float all day

Together now, because we need some fresh pow

Together now, we've gone too many days without

Together now, for us it's never true what they say

Together now, there's always friends on a powder day

Together now

Together now

Together now

Copyright Β© β„— 2018 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.