Birds And Worms


"Birds And Worms"

Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

Birds are flyin' outside my window

Birds are cryin' and outside the wind blows

Words are flyin' all over the page

Another letter returned to sender, what a shame

At least it's getting warm again, at least I'm still alive

Got through the winter, then got cabin fever from bein' inside

I just wish I could fly like those birds (whistle)

We were flyin' out of control

You were cryin' out in the cold

Our ducks they were flyin' all in a row

Then I made you cry, and now my bird has flown

Dogs, they like to chase cats, and they like to eat muskrats

And cats, they dream about fish, but they also chase birds

And we all know what birds like

Worms, fighting brings pain, worms, after it rains

Worms, with Mars and Venus brains

Birds are flyin', and outside it's still cold

Feels like I'm dyin', birds remindin' me I'm gettin' old

Words come cryin' all over the page

Another letter I'll never send her, could it be I'm slightly to blame

I can write, but it might not ever help

When I'm cooped up all by myself

Must be somethin' about the weather

Makes me wanna see you shake your tail feather again

For one last fling, cause I remember when

We were together we could sing and fly

High in the sky just like those Birds (whistle)

Birds are chirpin', flirtin' over melting snow

Birds they tweet, that sweet sound we all know

After you cried, all winter the sky stayed grey

Somehow I knew then someday you'd fly away

Now I'm mourning, like a turtle dove

Layin' low, 'cause there's no more love

Flyin' slow, they land and feed on seed, I wish that was my only need

And it's the season for you to fly back, now

Spring, when I think about you most

Spring, you could migrate in from the coast

Spring, but somehow I know you won't

Copyright Β© β„— 2020 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.