Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

Closing time, way past last call

We’re hungry but we don’t want baloney

1:50 am, someone says, "what now?"

Only gotta say one word…coney

Sleepin’ over, wakin’ up hungover

Up all night riding the pony

Instead of doing the walk of shame

Only one word comes to mind…coney

‘Round here we never call ‘em red hots, and they’ve got no chili at all

You can’t get ‘em in New Jersey, New York, Vermont or Montreal

They’re not just hot dogs, when they’re made in Michigan they’re worth your while

It’s not just a kind of restaurant, it’s a lifestyle

Sittin’ ‘round in a haze playin’ video games

Got the munchies hangin’ out with your cronies

Someone hits pause and for the good of the cause

Only one word is spoken…coney

When there’s time to dine and have a good time

No one wants a pizza pie with pepperoni

Don’t wanna drink & drive, so you rule out the dive bar

There’s only one option…coney

When you’re texting your friends to get together again

You wanna eat where no one acts like a phony

The message back lets you know exactly where to go

Only one word is texted…coney

Flint-style always brings a smile, if it’s not a Koegel, it’s just not the same

Gotta have that dry meat sauce, onions and mustard it’s the only way

Forget Detroit or Jackson, head up to Angelo's if you’re brave

Don’t even need a menu, “Two up!” is all you gotta say

When we’re in mood for late night food,

And we’re sick and tired of cheese and macaroni

It’s not a diner or a greasy spoon

One word says it all…coney

Copyright © ℗ 2016 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.

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