Update:Β  Sadly, as of mid-2021, Amazon announced they decided to close the service to burn compact disc media on demand due to the trending customer preference for digital streaming services vs. physical discs.

You may still be able to get a Scott Cooley CD from one of these places.Β  Click a logo below to go directly to the respective Scott Cooley CDs page:

When you buy a Scott Cooley CD from Amazon with credit card checkout, they burn it on demand, package it in a jewel case with printed cover and liner notes, shrink wrap it in their warehouse, then ship it to your home.

Additional discounts off the retail price of $12.49 are available for Amazon Prime members.

To buy a CD, either go to the Store page now to use the Amazon shopping cart buttons, where you'll also find many other purchasing options, or use the buttons in the ads below to order directly to

>You can buy Scott Cooley CDs now from right from this page using the buy buttons in the ads below.Β 

>They take your order, accept many payment methods, offer shipping options, and will even gift-wrap them for you!Β 

>Click on an album cover or title link to view additional information, then add it to your shopping cart and check out.

Until supplies run out, we urge everyone to buy directly from Amazon (or from the Store page of this site), as the sonic quality is outstanding, and you get the full artwork and liner notes.

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