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About Scott Cooley Records

Scott Cooley Records (SCR) is a microlabel or netlabel that was established for preserving the independence of Scott Cooley, the recording artist. It is a self-funded virtual label of sorts through which Scott Cooley releases albums of songs he has written, performed and recorded. Rather than trying to circumnavigate the mainstream music industry, it allows total control over the final product with the compromise being a lack of the advantages of using professional recording studio equipment and the marketing, advertising, promotion, and publicity services traditional labels offer artists. As such, the sound quality may be closer to lo-fi than recordings released by traditional labels, and the awareness of the availability of the releases is extremely low due to a lack of investment and effort, thus it cannot even compare to traditional indie labels. SCR embraces the underlying aesthetic of the punk rock subculture ideology including an enthusiastic subscription to the DIY ethic, creative self-expression, and the production of moving music with limited means. That said, however, Scott can't play very fast, and prefers acoustic instruments, so unlike punk rock, the sound is closer to garage rock or protopunk only all-acoustic, and SCR does not reject consumer culture entirely and therefore does not give much of the music away for free. It was suggested that Scott Cooley, the non-performing songwriter, self-release compilations of his promotional demonstration recordings he was considering pitching to recording artists looking for new material for their upcoming recording projects. Scott took this suggestion and formed his own record label to see if this would garner any interest. It has, so since around the year 2000, people have been able to purchase these full-length, long-playing (LP) recordings directly from this site (as compact discs via integrated Amazon shopping cart buttons) as well as digital downloads from a variety of popular online music stores such as Apple Music and YouTube Music, and cloud streaming from subscription services like Spotify and online radio like Pandora. The MP3s and Store pages of this site list the various web retailers, online music stores, online radio stations and streaming services where both albums and individual songs can be purchased.

  • Label type: Digital

  • Founded: Officially in the year 2000, formerly known as Cool Breeze Records in the late 90s

  • Founder: Scott Cooley

  • Genres: Acoustic Garage Rock, Americana, many subs & hybrids. For more info, see Genres.

  • Country of origin: United States of America

  • Location: Grand Blanc, Michigan

  • Purchasing: To view the purchasing options for albums, songs, compact discs, and digital downloads released on the Scott Cooley Records label, refer to the Store page (Scott Cooley Online Store) within this Web site for complete details. Most of the major web retail outlets, including, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music, currently offer all 10 released studio albums available for sale.

  • Distribution: Self-distributed directly to Amazon (CDs), Google Play Music (now YouTube Music), and Bandcamp, whereas others such as iTunes (now Apple Music) and Spotify who do not allow direct distribution are via a digital aggregator distribution service. For more information, see the Distribution page. Inquiries regarding consideration of affiliation with larger, more established labels or imprints are welcome and may be initiated via the Contact page.

  • Related information elsewhere online: Discogs, MusicBrainz

An introduction to appreciating songwriter demos: Scott's signature sound heard on all of the released albums on the SCR label started as simple songwriter demos using a 4-track mixdown process that evolved to being recorded using software on a computer and burned to CD. Friends, family and fans encouraged him to get on the bandwagon of self-releasing albums as if he were a solo artist himself, so he tried it, and hasn't looked back. Originally intending to send tapes out to established major-label artists looking for songs to record, Scott's overall sound further evolved with this new focus - and with unlimited tracks available, he added instruments along the way to get more of the sound of a full band.

Describing the signature sound: Gone are the days of the demonstration recording cassette tape, however, this site is the primary vehicle for those interested in songs recorded with as much of an analog feel as possible, eschewing auto-tune, virtual instruments, drum loops, and digital effects to correct minor imperfections in favor of real acoustic instruments played into microphones, even though they are later mixed and mastered using software. If you've ever been to a house concert, Scott's recordings might have a bit of that overall sound, yet without the ultra-serious subject matter or ultra-precise finger-picking of a typical folk act. If you've ever heard garage rock - whether the original bands from the 60s & 70s, or the revival acts from the late 90s / early 2000s, Scott's recordings have some of that spirit, the only difference being that you will hear acoustic guitar instead of that electric guitar fuzz. Somewhere between simple songwriter demos and a full band sound, these recordings feature a signature acoustic sound that was influenced by the folk punk of the 80s and the MTV Unplugged style of the 90s.

Curious about the Scott Cooley Recording Studio where the demos are made? See the Studio page for more information. Also, for an idea of the sound quality and instruments used, read the information on the Gear page.

How can I listen to them now? Go to and listen to all released songs on demand and online for free to try before you buy. Find and listen to more full samples and clips on Scott Cooley Radio or on the Samples page.

Catalog Information At-A-Glance

Abbreviated Discography: Since the late 90s, Scott has self-released approximately one full-length record containing approximately a dozen original songs every two years in even-numbered years.

2000 - Self-Titled Debut - earliest originals mixed down on a 4-track during live performance days in CO in early 90's (tape only - no longer available)

2002 - Homegrown - sophomore effort from 1st forays into computer-based recording, about young adulthood struggles (currently out of print)

2004 - Moon Dreams - songs inspired by staying up late, yearning for love, contemplating the meaning of life and our place in this world (in stores now)

2006 - Lakeside Landing - storytelling songs, songs about sailing, love; songs in a variety of styles that show versatility and maturity (in stores now)

2008 - Drive Time Companion - Americana songs to keep you company while on the road, unique twists on relationships with humor (in stores now)

2010 - Sense Of Belonging - songs about importance of place & concept of home, continues tradition of mellow acoustic rock w/ variety (in stores now)

2010 - A Cooley Christmas - privately released studio cover recordings of 11 of Scott's favorite popular Christmas and holiday songs - (free streaming)

2012 - Cherchez La Femme - songs about women and relationships from a man's perspective, best classified as acoustic rock love songs (in stores now)

2014 - Used To Be Good Looking - bluesy songs of love, lust, loss, nature, & even a MI state folk song w/ hints of bluegrass & jazz (in stores now)

2016 - Rest Assured - upbeat, fun songs about releationships/places/the environment/coneys, w/ 2 feat. Lenore Cooley on accordion (in stores now)

2018 - Missing The Boat - sunny, summery songs of boating and escapism w/ addition of ukulele, more piano & hand percussion (in stores now)

2020 - Bluebird Days - revised older songs + a few new ones from Scott's ski bum days in early 90s re: feeling blue, wanting to fly & ski (pre-release)

2022 - Bluebird Days II - more previously-unreleased past fan faves w/ a few new ones, again with bird/flight/blue/blues/skiing theme (pre-release)

Full Discography: More detailed and complete discography information is available on the Discography page. Related Information: Also of interest may be the Bootlegs page for out of print, rare, and unreleased records, or the MP3s page for digital download information.

Press Releases

2004 Moon Dreams Press Release.pdf: Preview/Print

2006 Lakeside Landing Press Release.pdf: Preview/Print

2008 Drive Time Companion Press Release.pdf: Preview/Print

2010 Sense Of Belonging Press Release.pdf: Preview/Print

2012 Cherchez La Femme Press Release.pdf: Preview/Print

2014 Used To Be Good Looking Press Release.pdf: Preview/Print

Rest Assured

2016 Rest Assured Press Release.pdf: Preview/Print

2018 Missing The Boat Press Release.pdf: Preview/Print

2020 Bluebird Days Press Release.pdf: Preview/Print

2022 Bluebird Days II Press Release.pdf: Preview/Print

Official Release List

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