What is MP3? Motion Picture Experts Group - 1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3 for short) is the standard digital audio encoding and compression format for the transfer, storage and playback of music on digital audio players. All of the songs on Scott Cooley's released studio albums were originally recorded at a 96000 sample rate with 32 bit mixing, from which they were converted to the 44khz/16bit red book spec for CD quality. After distribution, those source files are then typically compressed by digital web music retailers to MP3 to reduce the file size for faster downloading and to take up less space, while still sounding similar to the original. We're not as fanatical as Neil Young, but we believe the difference is definitely noticeable and recommend formats of higher quality than MP3 for an optimum listening experience.

Where to buy? Most prominently, Scott Cooley's released studio albums and songs are available in MP3 format from Amazon, Bandcamp, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Spotify. Bandcamp currently has the best quality and options (see the Better Alternatives section below), although Amazon is allegedly planning a "high-resolution" streaming service. Deezer and Tidal reportedly have some higher-quality "lossless" formats as well, so they may be worth checking out.


When it comes to places to get your music, there are a boatload of options. With so many fish in the sea, you've got to decide which one works best for you, and this page helps you make up your mind. If you change it later on though, no matter where on the web you surf to get MP3 music, rest assured Scott Cooley music will be there. These companies sometimes get gobbled up by bigger fish and change names or go out of business, but this page attempts to list them all. If you've committed to one not listed here, SC tunes are probably there as well but we just haven't updated this page yet.

Whether they call themselves music download sites, web music retailers, internet streaming subscription services, digital cloud music lockers, online radio stations, etc., there are currently tons of websites where you can sample, buy, listen to, stream, store, download and play Scott Cooley albums and songs in MP3 format. Some offer better sound quality than others. Hopefully some day they will offer really high quality formats, so the sound is as intended by the people who made the recording.

Better Alternatives

For the highest possible quality to your Scott Cooley listening experience, we highly recommend that you buy the CD from Amazon. These are high-fidelity wave files, and come with complete artwork and liner notes. They manufacture CDs on demand when you order them, shrink wrap them in lovely jewel cases, and then package and ship them to you according to the shipping method you specify. They allow you to select from multiple shipping options that each offer different costs and corresponding delivery speeds. They offer discounts for Prime members, and offer multiple payment method options as well.

If you must have a digital download, we recommend trying the cool and mysterious-sounding Ogg Vorbis format from Bandcamp. With this service, we offer a custom subdomain page here: Go there now to get free streaming to try before you buy, and take advantage of volume discounts, bonus tracks, and subscription options. Additionally, you can use the format drop-down menu next to the download link to select downloads of either entire albums or individual songs in any (or all) of the following higher-quality formats: MP3 V0, MP3 320, FLAC, AAC, ALAC, WAV, or AIFF.

Current MP3 Services (as of 2019)

See the Store page for a listing of most of them.

Amazon Music Store

Amazon Music Unlimited

Apple Music






CD Universe





YouTube Music

Older MP3 Stores Scott Might Still Be On

Scott Cooley music might still be available either for download and/or streaming on the following music service sites and apps:

Apple iTunes (Replaced By Apple Music) iTunes is the premier destination for digital downloads, offering high quality DRM-free MP3s while commanding over 80% of the download marketplace revenue. Scott Cooley music is included in all iTunes stores worldwide:

If you have an online store, you can make Scott Cooley music available for download from your site by using 247, who take care of everything for you. Also, if you speak German and are in Austria, check out Scott Cooley music on Seriously. As we are in love with skiing, we have a special appreciation for our Austrian fans.

Scott Cooley music is also available on 7digital, which we’ve heard works great on Android tablets, if you have one of those. It is also a great option for those of you who are in Canada, New Zealand, and throughout Europe.

Amazon MP3

Adds downloads to iTunes or Windows Media Player automatically, free samples. Seattle-based Amazon is the world's largest online retailer. Their MP3 store sells DRM-free MP3s to the largest audience anywhere. Amazon MP3 is the muscle behind MySpace Music, so since Scott Cooley MP3s are for sale on Amazon, then they are also for sale in the MySpace Music store.

Stuck living in France and finding it tough to find Scott Cooley tunes to listen to that have that certain je ne sais quoi? You’re in luck. Just go to and everything will be tres bien n'est pas?


Most downloads ratings, "indie iTunes", phone/mp3 player compatibility. Emusic boasts the largest catalog of independent music and is the #2 digital music retailer. eMusic offers high-quality DRM-free MP3s to an ever-growing number of subscribers, with a stronghold on the Scott Cooley (25 and older) demographic.

The Google Music service allows you to discover and buy new music through the Android Marketplace. Google Music lets you upload your existing music collection to "the cloud" for free, and stream any purchased or uploaded track from the web on any device, tablet, or smartphone.

Great Indie Music is an appropriately titled site, and definitely appropriate for carrying releases from Scott Cooley Records. It may not be fancy, but that’s not important to you. We all need to support great online stores like this, as they offer the real thing, not the lame stuff corporations tell you you should like via regular radio and MTV videos.

iHeartRadio lets you create your own commercial-free custom radio station and play as many Scott Cooley songs as you want! Listen to the station from any device (phone, ipod, tablet, laptop, etc.), wherever you have an internet connection….for free! Cool, huh?

This is the last FM radio station left on earth, due to modern technology making them obsolete. Just kidding. This site uses magical software that keeps track of everything you listen to and recommends music based on your taste, and the best part for you is that they have Scott Cooley songs on there.

Media Net

(formerly Music Net) Get SC downloads, samples, streams, subscriptions, & album art for your site or app. If you want the entire Scott Cooley catalog, complete with trending services, eBooks, and digital Scott Cooley music, this store will hook you up.

At MOG, you can find Scott Cooley albums & songs, play them anywhere, create awesome playlists that feature those songs, then share those lists with your friends. How cool is that? We know…very. The stream quality is 320kbs, which is pretty darned high. It's way up there around fifty quads per channel, but that's technical.

Head on over to myxer to get your Scott Cooley music from this popular site where you can also get the videos, apps, games, etc. that you like. Any SC song can also be a ringtone, which is pretty sweet, we know.


Top tracks list, top albums list, unlimited full-length streaming. Los Angeles-based Napster is a perennial figure in MP3 downloads and online streaming, and was recently acquired by Best Buy. In addition to their standard subscription access, Napster also has a DRM-free store where anyone can buy high quality Scott Cooley MP3s as a permanent download.

Nokia? No problemia. Nokia makes it very simple for you to get Scott Cooley songs on your mobile phone or computer. It’s easy, and their site is really nice. Works in all countries too, which is a major bonus for you. You can also read where Scott is on their charts. Organize, burn CDs, PC-to-Mobile drag-and-drop music transfer.


Feeds, radio station, ad-free, burn to CD feature, mix creation, Tivo-enabled. Rhapsody made major waves with their subscription-based model. Key partnerships with Verizon, Yahoo! Unlimited, and iLike, to name a few, make the reach of their service unparalleled. Rhapsody has entered the permanent download market to complement their wildly successful streaming service.

simfy is where you can find crazy European artists you’ve never heard of…and Scott Cooley. They have all the features you need to get SC tunes on your computer or smartphone, or you can stream on demand.

European-based Spotify is becoming one of the most popular streaming services. Originally only available in limited territories, their store is now expanding in the US. Customers can stream their Scott Cooley music using a free ad-supported version or by paying a monthly fee for their premium option.


If you’re into that whole filesharing thing, this is an option for you. It’s also a good option if you are in Germany, for reasons unknown. Scott Cooley music is available here as DRM-free MP3s and has bonus artist information. While you're at it, you might also be able to download a repair manual that Scott Cooley may have written for your early 90's model General Motors vehicle…you never know.

If it’s all about the network for you, Scott Cooley music is available here as well. Verizon tracks your location, which can be a good thing. Your network needs to know where you are if you get into trouble, so they can track you down and help you out. You can listen to SC tunes wirelessly, and do it from practically anywhere with these guys.

Zune Social network, podcasts, full Windows phone and X-Box support, SC MP3s - what more could you want? Really? I know, right. We can't think of anything either. If you’ve got a Microsoft Windows phone (we've heard they rock), or Windows computer for that matter, this is your store, and they’ve got all the SC goods ready to rock you.


MySpace Music lets you play, share & buy from the official Scott Cooley albums page. Popular social network, MySpace, has launched its own music store that allows fans to stream full-length tracks and buy MP3s (powered by iTunes & Amazon MP3). Now that Scott Cooley music is available on MySpace Music, the songs can be added directly from the store to your own user-generated playlists! Formerly American Songspace, which was affiliated by American Songwriter Magazine, this is more of a demo storage site for songwriters who spend tons of money in Nashville-type studios to make their recordings sound like popular country radio hits. was a cool idea and name, then they ran into inevitable copyright lawsuits, got funded by a round of two of investors giving them tons of money, then they started to push out the independent artists, attract advertisers, and start going after established artists with money to pay for "pro" accounts.

Scott Cooley on artist profile page w/ free sample song streams

Free previews, 1-click full album downloads, playlists, reviews

Recommendations, artist stats, tagging, sharing, credit pre-purchase

Gifting, playlists, embedding, play any song or album once for free

LimeWire Store

permanent downloads, guaranteed quality, subscription plans, Gnutella sharing

Amie Street

Recommendations, artist stats, tagging, sharing, credit pre-purchase


Free previews, 1-click full album downloads, playlists, reviews


Add Scott Cooley tracks to your avatar's virtual social world soundtrack, radio playlists

Sonic Tap

Expert playlists by mood, atmosphere, environment, & experience; recommendations


Get Scott Cooley ringtones, mp3s, mobile content, locker service

For UK/EU customers, try also Napster UK, under "Americana."

Reported Occasional "Used" Bootleg Availability Here:

Tools For Downloading, Organizing & Playing MP3s

Two of the most popular stores - Amazon MP3 and Apple iTunes - offer applications you can download & install on your computer or device to use for accessing their services by clicking these banners:

2019 Update:

The free Amazon Music app works with any platform (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, FireOS, Amazon Alexa) and allows you to listen free with ads or play on-demand & ad-free with a Prime membership (exclusive member pricing, free two-day shipping) or get even more with Amazon Music Unlimited (such as curated playlists and stations, ad-free streaming with unlimited skips), and they're reportedly working on a new high-resolution tier! This is the thing of the future:

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