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Artists Who Have Performed and/or Recorded Scott Cooley Songs

Corbin Daugherty - Lead Vocals, Drums & Percussion for the band Acoustic Circus, a Jam/Caribbean Acoustic Trio from New York:

Rich Marr - Singer-songwriter and solo artist extraordinairre from Flint, MI (also a music journalist and blogger):

Ora Music Trax (a.k.a. ORA, a.k.a Oramusictrax) - Alternative indie rock band / recording artists originally from the great state of Michigan:

Songwriting-Related, Online Music Store, Radio Station & Social Networking Sites

This page is admittedly a mess.  Mostly, this is where I used to keep track of the music-related and social networking type online places where I created a space or profile, claimed my own name or URL before the other Scott Cooleys did, uploaded a picture, posted a link back to this site, and then never really visit again. There are tons of these kinds of sites out there, and some buy each other out and maybe get renamed, while others fade away into the internet abyss after the idea fails to catch on enough.  Sometimes after a couple years, they send you an email telling you to get your personal belongings (data) out before they shut their doors permanently.  So I don't guarantee these exist anymore, but at one time they did, and I had a "presence" there.  On some, I actually uploaded my original music, but on most I probably didn't.  The most important ones to me which seem to have some staying power - where I actually log in again from time to time - have chicklet logo button links in the footer of this site, or else they're listed on the store page. Otherwise, the rest are below, although some may be duplicates.  When I look at these myself, I think of the sad existence of someone who chooses to spend their free time signing up for online profiles, but then I think it only took a couple minutes each, so...

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