For a very modest investment in a hobby, Scott Cooley has been able to bring his songs to the world at a level of quality and with a level of professionalism that surpasses most do-it-all-yourselfers. He has created a home recording studio with inexpensive new and used music instruments and recording equipment. He has never spent money on hiring professional demo services, producers, recording studios, session musicians, session vocalists, engineers, etc., ...and it shows. ;-) He doesn't pay someone to publish his songs or host his web site. He has never paid for advertising. He uses free software and services whenever possible, and has trained himself without the cost of any formal music education or training in any of the above. Considering the very limited amount of free time his full-time day job and busy family life affords, his songwriting/recording hobby has gradually become close to being a somewhat legitimate business venture - albeit on a very small scale. While no profitability to speak of has been acheived to date, the overhead has been so comparatively low that it's now closing in on being a hobby that has paid for itself monetarily. You can't say Scott's been a sucker who blew a ton of hard-earned cash on a pipe dream that didn't prove to be lucrative or more importantly, good - a minor achievement in the grand scheme for which he is somewhat proud. This page gives you insight into the modest investment that has been leveraged to bring you the fruits of his labors that are evidenced throughout this site. Visit the Scott Cooley Store to shop for and buy his self-released CDs or MP3s.


What instruments make up the Scott Cooley sound?


What equipment is used to produce Scott Cooley recordings?

Pearl Export Series Snare Drum

pro-mark nylon brushes

Focusrite Saffire firewire audio computer recording interface hardware

'97 Ovation Standard Balladeer 1861, black 6-string acoustic (photo taken by Lenore Cooley at Wildwood Lake, Holly Recreation Area, Holly, MI)

Remo Djembe

AKG C1000S Cardoid Condenser Microphone

Olympic HiHat Cymbal

Wood Slit Drum

Ovation Celebrity Acoustic Bass Guitar, model CC074

Sure Beta 52 Dynamic Bass Microphone


Hohner Harmonicas (Blues & Marine Band)

Adobe Audition 1.0 Audio Recording, Mixing, Editing & Mastering Software




Dell Precision T5500 workstation desktop computer


Egg Shaker



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