The songs of Scott Richard Cooley (U.S. citizen, born 1967) are published by Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing, ASCAP (CAE/IPI No. 345.88.02.44), which is located in Michigan.  The performing arts works (song lyrics & music) he has written, recorded and released on the albums that are currently for sale to the public on the Store page on this site have been offered to other online stores for the purpose of further distribution for sale as compact discs and downloadable MP3 files (both entire albums and individual songs), and for public performance via streaming on online radio stations.

Competitively priced clearances available now!  We welcome your commercial clearance inquiries using the Synch and Mechanical forms below. Please use the official composer name of Scott Richard Cooley, which should also be utilized for any written credits afforded to him. Licensing directly with Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing via this site prevents outside agencies from deducting a percentage before remitting royalties to us. As an example, if the current statutory rate is 9.1 cents per unit pressed, distributed, or sold (or when longer than 5 minutes in duration, 1.75 cents/minute or fraction thereof, whichever is greater), and if you wanted to distribute a modest first quantity of up to 1000 units, the fee due to Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing would be less than $100. Scott Cooley is the sole Songwriter, Digital Recording Artist, Publisher and Master Rights Holder. Download subscription revenue can be split 50/50 with retailers.

Mechanical License Request Form: Need a compulsory mechanical license to sell a cover recording of a Scott Cooley song? Get one now.

(Record your own version of a Scott Cooley song and release it for sale.)

Synchronization License Request Form: Need a master use synchronization license to place a recording of a Scott Cooley song in a film? Get one now.

(Use a Scott Cooley song as recorded by Scott Cooley in a movie or TV show.)

Licenses for cover recordings of Scott Cooley songs are available for any of the following releases:

Typically requested by:

Licenses for master Scott Cooley recordings are available for placement in any of the following:

Typically requested by:

3-Step Process

It's as simple as knowing which song(s) you want; filling out/submitting the form; receiving a quick phone call, email, and/or video chat to briefly discuss; receive the license, sign & return;  start recording or sync'ing. 

1.  Browse the catalog:

Have you found a song that is a good match for your project or the recording artist you represent?

2.  Initiate the license request process:

Submit a formal licensing request using either the mechanical or synch license form as appropriate, or use your choice of contact methods listed on the Contact page, where any of the following can be arranged:

Note:  When using the e-mail form on the Contact page, please specify:  song(s); format desired (CD by mail or Link by e-mail as either .mp3 or wave file); term (1,3 or 5 yrs.); a brief description of your project; your contact information.

3.  Receive your license:

Scott will sign, scan, attach & email it.

When the license is issued and sent to you, you will be asked to include certain credits on the liner notes of your recording, such as:

We would also like to receive a copy of your recording to hear your rendition.

Public Performance:  Permission to publicly perform songs created by Scott Richard Cooley and owned by Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing is often granted after reasonable compensation is offered.  To officially request consideration for such permission, see the Contact page for contact method options.  

Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing is Scott Cooley's publishing company.  United States Public Performance rights to Scott Cooley songs are administered by the American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). To view Scott’s registered and licensed song titles, and names of artists who have made commercial recordings of Scott’s songs, you can search for them in their Song Title Database here:  Scott on ACE

Sync for MI Films:  Working for a movie production company filming in Michigan?  Need original songs from a Michigan native and resident songwriter to fill out your soundtrack?  Commissioning a Scott Cooley song may qualify as a direct production expenditure eligible for the Michigan film production credit.  Contact us for immediate negotiation, or read the FAQs from the Michigan Film Office for more information.

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