The new songbook is here!

Post date: Jul 12, 2020 12:48:54 AM


In case you've ever wanted to learn a Scott Cooley song on guitar, there's now an easy way: by using the new Scott Cooley song book! Head on over to the Songbook page of, and download it for free. It's yours forever to keep, whomever you are.

I've always wanted to type up the lyrics and chords for the songs I've written and I finally got around to it. It's embarassing that I've never memorized my own songs, and now I have a proper reference to do that. That was the main motivation, and then I thought I would just go ahead and offer it to the world in case anyone else might want to as well. Now I have no excuse for not having proper tools to memorize and be able to perform my own songs anymore, other than procrastination.

It features the guitar chords with lyrics for all of the songs on my first ten albums I've released. It has a handy electronic table of contents, index and the ability to display an entire song on two pages of one screen, so you don't have to scroll vertically (or turn the page if printed). I've printed one with a ring binder and it's cool because you can set it on a music stand, open it to any page, and the entire song is displayed. It's also handy to use as an e-book on a computer because you can quickly click a song title and display any two-page song on one screen, as long as you set it to display two pages at once. See the Songbook page for complete instructions.

I designed it, wrote it, and published it 100% myself, and yes, it took a ton of work, but I'm proud of it. This is what is possible when you're an unemployed technical writer who also happens to be a songwriter.

Hope you enjoy it! Not that there's any demand for such a thing to speak of, but if you ever want to record a version of one of my songs and release the recording commercially, click over to the Licensing page of to get permission via a simple online form. I would be thrilled to hear a cover of any of my songs.

Like Steve Martin in The Jerk, I'm somebody now, I'm in print, and things are going to start happening for me!