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Abandoned by his parents in his childhood in the upper peninsula of Michigan, Scott initially survived by eating huckleberries and sleeping in a wigwam he built in the Hiawatha National Forest, where he was eventually rescued from the wilderness and raised by a pack of Yoopers who fed him pasties and grog.....See full bio >>Born:  Scott Richard Cooley, June 21st, 1967 in Flint, Michigan.

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Other works:  Poetry

Trademark:  Plays only acoustic instruments

Nickname:  Cool Breeze

Star SignCancer

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Born in Flint, Michigan on June 21st, 1967 to father Richard Eugene Cooley and mother Wanda Lee Ford.

Is of Irish descent.

Spouse:  Lenore Louise Dunkel (2003-present)

Has one sibling, Courtney, a sister who is two years younger.

Nephews:  David Breaugh III, Maxwell Breaugh, Riley Hart

Niece: Madison Hart

Places lived:  Flint, MI; Grand Blanc, MI; Bay View, MI; Isle Royale, MI; Albion, MI; Southfield, MI; Edwards, CO; Vail, CO; Avon, CO; West Vail, CO; Minturn, CO; Ann Arbor, MI; Lansing, MI; Highland, MI; East Lansing, MI

Early years included living in Flint until 2nd grade and then Grand Blanc, MI until out of college.

Grew up with woods in his backyard, which gave him an early appreciation of the earth's wild places.

Once lived and worked on Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior.

Recent schools attended:  Grand Blanc High School; Albion College; Cooley Law School

Recent employers:  Oracle Corporation; Synova, Inc.; HTC Global Services, Inc.; Tyroleans Ski School;  Kuali Foundation, Inc.;  Michigan State University; Deque Systems, Inc.

Was once a champion springboard diver.

Can ride a unicycle quite well.

Has never "gone electric" by purchasing an electric guitar, despite borrowing other people's electric guitars to play lead guitar in various garage bands over the years.

Was once in Indian Guides and Boy Scouts of America, achieving the rank of Tenderfoot.

At one time was the tallest member of the prestigious Emerald Shillelagh Chowder and Marching Society.

Since becoming 5 feet 11 1/2 inches tall, his greatest height achieved to date, weight has fluctuated between 170 lbs. and 333 lbs.

Can juggle.

Can walk on his hands.

Is good at making a bird call by cupping hands and blowing into them to make sound of the Morning Dove.

At an early age showed remarkable musical talent in using his body to emulate natural sounds by cupping his hand on his armpit - an example of art imitating nature.

Was taught downhill (alpine) snow skiing by his parents at age three.

Learned to ski powder and moguls well after living & skiing in Vail, CO between 1989-1995.

Is also a decent snowboarder.

Became a registered, alpine ski instructor with the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA), Rocky Mountain Division in 1991.

Taught skiing at both Vail and Beaver Creek ski resorts in Colorado.

Taught with the Mt. Holly Ski School and coached alpine racing with The Tyroleans group in Michigan.

Is an avid tennis player.

Taught by his father to recite the alphabet backwards, which he can still do.

Favorite car owned was "the Nove"- a '73 Chevy Nova, formerly owned by Grandfather Charlie Ford.

His father and Uncle Jim taught him to sail at an early age.

Crewmember aboard the Windward in the Saginaw Bay Yacht Racing Association in the 1980s.

Was once a crew member of a sailboat during the Bayview Port Huron to Mackinaw Yacht Race.

Was an English major in college.

In his 20's, made a significant contribution to his generation (X) being stereotyped as a bunch of slackers.

Favorite TV show:  South Park

Favorite album:  The Dark Side Of The Moon, by Pink Floyd

Joined the Mid-Michigan Songwriter's Group in 2009.

Has in the past enjoyed whitewater rafting trips on the rivers of the state of Colorado, and canoe trips in Michigan and Canada.

Was once an accomplished tree climber who experienced the agony of defeat by having the wind knocked out of him on numerous occasions.

Favorite place visited:  New Orleans, Louisiana

From the Uban Dictionary:  What’s In A First Name? 


1. Scott 3507 up, 1469 down

An incredibly cool person.

That is guy is such a Scott!

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2. Scott 2876 up, 1077 down

a male friend who is extremely intelligent, funny, kind, and always there for you. They usually plan to do something to better the world like going in to the Marines or Army. Liked by a lot of people and usually very attractive

Look at him! He's definitely a Scott!

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scott scottie scotty scot kind sweet lovable

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3. Scott 1956 up, 1047 down

Scott is wonderful and caring, he's the best thing in my life, not only does he make the best boyfriend he makes an even better best friend...and he's all mine...Scott also likes to think hes a Playa..but he's too caring to be a Playa...

Laura "Scott's a blantent Playa"

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4. Scott 1243 up, 474 down

See: Jesus Christ, Chuck Norris

"Oh my god it's Scott!"

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jesus scott awesome chuck norris amazing

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5. Scott 919 up, 375 down


pronounced: (SK-OT)

Incredibly good looking with a great six pack.

Usually found surrounded by a group of girls but can sometimes be found laying back and reading a book. Always there when you need someone to talk and can easily make you laugh. Friends always come first for scott.

Girl one: Gee last night guess who i hung around?

Girl two: o duh girl i already know everyone was hanging around a scott, he's such a swell listener.

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six pack great listener incredibly good looking girl magnet scott

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6. Scott 670 up, 142 down

Possibly, and most likely the most amazing guy you will ever meet. He is passionate, caring, funny, thoughtful, extremely handsome, and overly energetic! Most Scotts are always horny, but do not think with their overly huge wangs. If you find a Scott, Keep him, forever, and ever.

person1: I'm totally dating a Scott!

Person 2: OMG!? Really, you are by far one of the luckiest people on earth! Im so jealous of you!

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sexy handsome thoughtful passionate horny

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7. Scott 815 up, 426 down

The most beautiful man ever.

That guys gorgeous, he's got to be scott!

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8. Scott 168 up, 56 down

An amazing man! Tall, powerful, sexy, intelligent, kind, caring, thoughtful, protective, responsible, and selfless. Gorgeous! Men with this name usually have very big, thick dick's and can last for hours. They also know how to please women orally. In fact, it's well known that if you meet a "scott" you could fall madly in love with him if you're not careful.

Girl #1-Oh damn..I just fell in love!

Girl #2-With who!?!

Girl #1- This guy I met a couple weeks ago...

Girl #2- Girl what's his name?

Girl#1- His name is Scott

Girl #2- Damn Girl I told you to stay away from men named Scott!

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amazing orally sexy love big

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9. Scott 312 up, 218 down

(noun) Person. The best brother that anyone can have. He will always be there for you. Responsible and caring. Funny, smart and kind. Can be a dick at times but will apologize. Can't hate anyone over a week, and if he hates you for more than two you better watch out.

"Scott, Amber and I are going to make Orgasmic cookies!"

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scott person noun loving caring.

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10. scott 129 up, 61 down

Whitty, dark hair, dark eyes, handsome. Great writer, quiet, shy, opinionated, smart. loving to those around him. He can take your breathe away, make you nervous, think to much. He wants more for himself but afraid to leap. Wants love but afraid to hurt. Great smile, amazing hair. Likes dress shirts and boots. Turns heads.

Doesnt know how amazing he is - Scott

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banty honest handsome winter sly

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11. Scott 74 up, 14 down

A Scott is someone who when your around you can't stop laughing, he says the stupidest things but there hilarious! Sometimes he doubts himself but he shouldn't cause hes an amazing person and friend. Scott is a very social person and loves being outrageous!

Did you hear what Scott said,? it was so funny!

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laughing stupidest hilarious amazing social outrageous

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12. Scott 71 up, 28 down

He's the BEST. Sweet, kind, caring, funny, adorbale, handsome, likeable, and very sexy at times. Supportive boyfriend. Somewhat shy, but very open to the ones close to him. Sends the cutest text messages and says the sweetest things. Scott puts the people he cares for the most well before himself. Gives great hugs and loves sports. Enjoys rap and is all around a great person :)

Scott is the best boyfriend ever.

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best wonderful cute rap sexy sweet

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13. Scott 53 up, 13 down

A sex symbol, spelled with two t's.

Scotty, Scotty, he like to party, he don't cause trouble and he don,t bother nobody.

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scott scotty sexy manley suave

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14. Scott 55 up, 25 down


Perfect smile, perfect teeth, perfect eyes, perfect hair.

A best friend and the best boyfriend.

Has made mistakes in the past but is a better person now.

Will never leave your side and will always be there for you, through thick and thin.

Some one you'd never change the world for.

Girl: Wow have you ever had braces? Your teeth are so perfect! Like you Scott.

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scott perfect boyfriend friend smile

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15. Scott 124 up, 95 down

A very cute, funny, and nice guy. Loves to play guitar. And is a great boyfriend.

girl1- wow did you see scott play the guitar last night?

girl2-yeah scott rocked!

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16. Scott 34 up, 7 down

By far the most amazing person you could ever meet. He is kind, caring, smart, and a good listener. He will always be there to hold you when you're sad, make you laugh when you think you're going to cry, and he will be there for you no matter what. He's not full of himself, and he is one of the sweetest guys in the world. If you meet a Scott, don't ever let him go, because if you do, then you will me making a big mistake. He's perfect.

girl: I met this guy the other day..

girl2: What's his name ?

girl: Scott.

girl2: You're so lucky !

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amazing sweetest good listener perfect caring kind

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17. Scott 81 up, 58 down

1) Male name

2) Type of toilet paper

3) Someone from Scotland (see Scot)

1) Omg do you know Scott? He's so sexy!!!

2) I just took a shit and wiped my ass with Scotties toilet paper

3) Look at that Scot over there with his plaid skirt on

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18. Scott 26 up, 5 down

an absolute amazing person with gorgeous eyes and a nice personality. Normally a funny guy with a great sense of humour. A good looking boy and smells nice. :D

This person has Scott eyes :)

This person looks like a scott he's gorgeous!

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19. Scott 27 up, 6 down

Scott is the most wonderful guy on the face of the earth. He is sweet, smart, kind and good with kids and animals. He has the ability to make everyone laugh no matter how awful of a day you just had. Scott is the best boyfriend ever. The day we met was the best of my life.

Scott is awesome.

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boyfriend best friend brother son friend

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20. Scott 75 up, 57 down

Typically a taurus. Stubborn, outgoing and doesn't take no for an answer. They are also very kind, generous, loving and love to have a good time. Everybody loves a Scott. Scott's make for excellent boyfriends esp to Christinas. They are usually interesting, creative, intelligent, good looking and fun.

I love Scott.

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21. Scott 29 up, 12 down

Scott is a person who is awesome but is humble about it, he is tough and he lets people know, he has a slight temper problem and when enraged he is blinded by anger, he also loves his guns whether they be handguns or rifles and hes not afraid of a fight even when the odds are against him.

Man Scott is one tough mofo, i dont wanna mess with that guy.

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tough rough brave strong crazy

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22. Scott 20 up, 4 down

A boy/man who is very adorable. He is usually tall, strong, and is very compassionate. He gives the best hugs ever, and his smile makes your heart pound. He is by far the nicest guy anyone could ever know. If you meet one, keep him close.

Are you and Scott dating?


Good! Keep him forever!

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23. Scott 60 up, 48 down

The Blackwell of all men. He has a large following of females, he also has the great hair of darkness. Usually found in his atural habitat, the Amazon (the giant women one).

"Scott is hot"

"Great Scott!"

"Golly gee, man, I need some Scott to love"

"The Blackwell Scott tells me to burn things"

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24. Scott 205 up, 196 down

A self-proclaimed asshole, one who can initially impress others and genuinely appear to be a nice guy.

(Note: the above claim has in fact been independently verified by multiple individuals on several occasions.)

Scott: "I know I'm an asshole. I always have been."

"I'm really sorry, I can be such an ass."

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ass asshole genuine jerk self-proclaimed sincere verified

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25. Scott 45 up, 38 down

A) A term derived from the word Scottish, very plain for it is an old English name. This name was not popularly used until 1950s. Most people holding this name are very "boss" minus the fauxhawk sporting muscle heads of today.

B)The most amazing artist I've ever been lucky enough to know. Seeking to graduate FSU in 2013 and pursue the arts.

"hey did you see Scott's work at the art show?"

"you know it! He is so the beznez<3"

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awsum cool talented chiller theshiz

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26. Scott 5 thumbs up

A Scott is tall and slender. He comes off tough and tool-like when you first encounter him, but if you give him a chance you won't regret it. A Scott is caring and motivated. He will do anything in his power to keep those close to him happy. He is selfless and personable. A Scott is carefree and silly. At times he needs to be pushed, but he will most certainly try anything once. A Scott also happens to be very well-endowed, so those who have the pleasure of dating one will not be disappointed in more than one way!

"Look at that guy dance like a fool in public... he must be a Scott!

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goofy caring motivated sexy amazing

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27. Scott 5 up, 2 down

Scott is the most amazing person you will ever meet. He is sweet, caring and a good listening. He also has the biggest brown eyes and dark skin. His hair is usually dark. He dresses incredibely, not to professional, yet not to casual. His style usually says " Im here to party". Scott is always with a group of girls. Although Scott is not the sharpest tool in the shed, he is fun to be around and a great conversationalist. He is a great friend and an even better boyfriend. If you ever find a Scott, dont let him go.

See that Scott over there?

Yeah, I'd totally date him!

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sexy amazing tan boyfriend material scot

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28. Scott 4 up, 2 down

A tall, incredibly smart, and attractive man. He has a very goofy personality, but rolls with it and is all-around a beast of a friend. When it comes to math, Scott is a complete Boss and will own you in any standardized test on the subject (and many others). Can destroy on the piano and sings bass for his high school's Mainstream choir. Works in his school's journalism class where you get to hear his beautiful voice say, "Good morning Northwest." Bro for life, dawg.

If you're a Scott then you're a beast.

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scott bro awesome smarty pants ladies-man

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29. Scott 11 up, 9 down

When the thought came to you to search the word Scott, you likely became aroused. Typing the word probably gave you a raging hard-on or, most likely, made you wet as an Hawaiian evening on a black-sand nude beach. Reading the word Scott almost certainly rocked your world with one of the most intense verbal induced orgasms of your life. Don't change your pants yet, because there are still more Scott definitions to read. And for those who would consider dating an ex girlfriend of a Scott, don't try it. These women are used Scotts, and will not be satisfied with anything else unless sexually starved for seven years, which is how long it takes for every cell in the body to be replaced.

Monica: Ever since I started dating a Scott I have needed to triple my caloric intake due to the sheer severity and instances of spontaneous orgasms I have experienced.

Rob: As your brother I am kind of unhappy that you told me that.

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redicamazeballs redicamazeballsdeep stellar gateflooder dambreaker

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30. Scott 2 up, 1 down

Scott is the best gentlemen you will ever meet. He knows how to take care of a girl and treat her right. He's always there for you. He is the most handsome and attractive man in the world. Everything about him attracts you to him. Being in his arms makes you feel warm and safe. I love Scott so much, and want to be with him forever.

Girl 1: "My boyfriend took me out last night. It was amazing. He's the best, and I love him so much! What did you do last night?

Girl 2: "I went out with Scott."

Girl 1: "Aw, I forgot you were dating Scott....Wanna trade boyfriends?!"

Girl 2: "Nope."

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scott gentleman handsome attractive love

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31. Scott 10 up, 9 down

One of the best friends that someone could hope for. He will stand by your side and will help you out if you need it. He like sci-fi things and is a hell of a pot head.

Look it's a Scott.

How do you know?

He's watching Star Trek while smoking.

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scott pot head star trek sci-fi smoking

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