Smile Moments

Moments In Time

Is Scott’s music amateurish?  Yes.  Is liking it an acquired taste?  Certainly.  Are there flashes of brilliance?  Not really.  

There are moments, however, that you have while you're listening to a Scott Cooley CD, when you can't help but smile.  They are among the reasons that life can be joyful.

It’s an involuntary urge, and  many such moments have been voluntarily reported to  

Sharing Is Caring

If you care to, share your moment here:

Need a free way to listen to the music online first before submitting your smile moment?  We've got a handy "secret" tip for you.  Try Bandcamp.  

Convinced enough from the smile log that you're now interested in owning the music yourself?  You're not alone.  Try the high-quality CDs from Amazon.

Related:  If inclined to be generous with feedback on any of Scott's songs, if you would please be so kind as to complete the quick and easy "best-of" survey form to identify which of Scott's songs most resonate with listeners, that would be wonderful.  Thanks in advance!  Here that is:  Survey