Not many have or will ever arrive at this page, so you are already a superfan (or stalker).  After swallowing some pride, I created it to offer a few ways you can just give me money electronically.  Apparently, it's a thing now for supporters of the arts and creators like me.  I would seriously use it for studio time, advertising, promotion and publicity for my music.

I could arrange for publicly thanking you on this website and on my blog, listing you as a sponsor, naming you in the liner notes, sending you an autographed copy of my next CD, or whatever reasonable thing you might propose in exchange for your support.  Otherwise, if you're really cool, you won't want any credit or return, trusting that your money will be put to good use, and enjoying the private satisfaction when you see the uptick in the streaming stats.

The best way to donate to Scott's cause as a songwriter is to buy his albums.  If you'd like to donate beyond that, this page tells you about some easy ways to do it.  But you may be wondering "what's in it for me?"  There are lots of ways to make a difference in the world.  Read this page to learn about a unique one.  In addition to getting more popular as a solo artist, it might also be possible for Scott to get already-popular artists to record songs he has written.  

The Pitch:

When you listen to a Scott Cooley album, you might think to yourself:

-if Scott ever took voice lessons, these songs might be good


-if Scott got a really good singer to sing the vocals, these songs might be good


-if Scott ever took guitar and drum lessons, these songs might be good


-if Scott got pro musicians to play the guitar and drums, these songs might be good


-if Scott got someone to play keyboards, these songs might be good


-if Scott used one of those synthesizers with perfect drums, these songs might be good


-if Scott got someone to arrange strings in the background, these songs might be good


-if Scott would just play electric instruments, these songs might be good


-if Scott recorded these in a real recording studio, these songs might be good


-if Scott got his recordings mastered by a pro, these songs might be good

These same "what if's" occurred to Scott as well.  The common denominator?

-these songs might be good.

Now, when you imagine great versions of Scott's songs, you might then think to yourself:

-if Scott arranged for famous major-label recording artists to record them...Scott would be living the dream.

Here's how you can help make these "what if" dreams realities:

By donating money to Scott, he will do whatever possible to make all of the above happen. 

What are we talking about here exactly?  Two things really:  Pro Demos, and Artist Cuts

-Demos:  professionally recorded and produced versions of Scott's songs with pro studio musicians & vocalists

-Cuts:  major-label recording artists recording and releasing versions of Scott's songs on their albums

Your involvement?  

You, as a donor, have Scott's word that your involvement in any of the above can be at whatever reasonable level you desire.  It thereby becomes a shared dream. 

Your risks?  

-Scott not making good on his promise at all by not doing the necessary work.

-Scott working hard but not doing the right things.

-Scott working hard, doing the right things, but not having the luck.

-You and Scott both eventually realizing that despite having the money and doing the right things, your suspicions about his songs were wrong.

Scott's mitigation?

First of all, he'll draw up a contract for you to review & modify that will expressly state what the strategy, plan & process task steps are to prove he has gained knowledge of how to make the above happen with your money and his hard work, including giving you scheduled progress reports.

The immediate result?  

Great-sounding demos of Scott's songs that are broadcast quality and thus "pitch-worthy." How far this can be taken is dependent only upon what the gift amount will allow.

The longer term results?  

After achieving the great demos, the pitching begins.  Again, provided adequate resources are available, Scott will then devote all his free time to getting these demos in the hands of decision-makers who can get the famous artists to record them - or even get them placed in film soundtracks.  If these results work out, the licensing will produce royalties.

Your return?

In the event profits are achieved, you not only get your donation back, but the mutually-agreed upon contract will specify a generous and fair ongoing royalty percentage.  Not to mention the satisfaction of helping make someone's dream a reality, and being able to brag that you're a successful music publishing investor.

If any of the above sounds appealing to you, listen to the albums first, peruse the pages of to verify Scott knows what he'd be getting himself into, then contact Scott.

If you are convinced you would like to donate directly to Scott right now to help him out with expenses associated with continuing to make great albums featuring great recordings of his great new songs, click one of the Donate buttons above.

Special Offer - Limited Time Only

From January through June of 2012, Scott is offering a free download of his song "The Invisible Man" (track #13 on his fourth full-length album release Sense Of Belonging), on NoiseTrade, where you can leave Scott a "tip" if you so choose.  The Invisible Man was inspired by the plight of the homeless in Flint, where Scott is originally from.  Scott intends to donate 100% of the tips to the South Flint Soup Kitchen.

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