How can you help? Jump on the bandwagon and join the grassroots group of people who like to spend their hard-earned free time, energy and imagination promoting the songs and music of Scott Cooley. There are many ways you can help spread the word. Your contributions and support are always appreciated. Scott Cooley's biggest fans serve as the field staff who reach out to other fans, help manage the various online communities and related social networking sites to get the word out about the music Scott makes.

We welcome the assistance of volunteers everywhere and encourage you to consider the following examples:

Street Team Resources:

You can say you helped out back when Scott Cooley was only a songwriter/home recording guy with a website and a dream.ย  If you're looking for a connection in this world, a higher cause, some higher purpose beyond your boring job, helping spread the word about Scott Cooley's music may be just the thing for you.ย  To break out of your drab life doing whatever, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to review, share, describe, suggest, comment, like, recommend, etc. - wherever you can online.ย  It's not that hard, and it might be the coolest thing to ever happen to you.ย  You might have time on your hands to spend on something other than watching TV, and the magical world of an independent musician from Michigan might be interesting to you, especially if you have the kind heart to help make the music more popular.ย  Remember - If Scott Cooley hits it big, YOU hit it big!ย ย 

If inclined to be generous with feedback on any of Scott's songs, if you would please be so kind as to complete the quick and easy "best-of" survey form to identify which of Scott's songs most resonate with listeners, that would be wonderful.ย  Thanks in advance!ย  Here that is:ย  Surveyย