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About the Scott Cooley Google Group

The Scott Cooley Mailing List is:

1. an Announcement E-Mail List: The communication primarily takes place using email where a single email alias is used to communicate to the group of people who are list subscribers.

2. a Group Discussion Forum: An online group which also allows communication using the Google Groups user interface where users can post topic-based questions and answers to the group on the web.

The Scott Cooley Group is a Google Group that serves as Scott's mailing list. So, it's an email list Scott uses to announce events like album releases, but it's also where members can post topics, questions, send messages, share files, etc. Anyone can join. It gives you a way to participate in online discussions, view message archives, pages, and files containing news and information about Scott Cooley songs, albums, and activities. As an email list, it is both an announcement mailing list and discussion forum, where friends and fans can: receive the annual Scott Cooley newsletter; get e-mails & feeds of news & member posts; e-mail the group; set up a profile & view other members’; upload, share, view, collaborate on & download files; post discussion topics & questions; and participate in online forums! Google groups allows you to have full control over the level of notifications you will receive.

What You Can Do

You can join the reliable and secure scottcooley Google Group to subscribe to the email list and/or participate in the web discussion forum.

  • Receive announcements from Scott sent to the entire group at once: The Scott Cooley Email List is primarily used by Scott to send periodic announcements to subscribers which typically pertain to Scott's songwriting, recording and release-related activities.

  • Receive emails sent to the group by any member: Messages will arrive in the inbox for the email address account you provide in the form. After you've subscribed you will be a recipient of email communications from Scott and the group.

  • Send emails to the entire group at once: Subscribers can also use it to send emails to the group email address in which a single email sent will be received by all the other subscribers on the list at the same time.

  • Participate in the discussion forum: Members can set up profiles, view other members' profiles, read emails & feeds of news & member posts, upload, share, view, collaborate on & download files, post discussion topics & questions, and participate in online forums!

  • Cancel any time: To immediately cancel your subscription, stop receiving e-mail, and have your contact information permanently removed from the Scott Cooley Mailing List, click the Unsubscribe button below (Unsubscribe:

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What You Can Control:

You can control membership settings for your identity (name, email address, photo) as well as the volume and type of messages you receive from the group (none, daily, summary, all) and change them any time. Like the notifications, your level of participation is up to you.

  • Your Identity: Customize your name and email address in a group, and also whether or not you show your photo and a link to your Google profile.

    • Name: To change your name in the group, click Edit to the right of your name and type your preferred name.

    • Profile and photo: To show or hide your photo and profile in group posts,

      • Show: Check the box next to "Link to my Google profile and show my photo on posts."

      • Hide: Un-check the box next to "Link to my Google profile and show my photo on posts."

    • Email address: To change your email address in the group, click on your email address in the middle of the box and from the drop-down, pick the email you want to use.

  • Your Notification Preferences: To choose how frequently you get email from the group, click the drop-down menu on the line below your email address. You can choose any of the following options.

    • Don't send email updates: You won't get emails, but you can still see posts by logging in to Google Groups and clicking on that group.

    • Send daily summaries: On days when people post to the group, you'll only get one email that includes every message that was sent.

    • Send combined updates: You'll get one email for every 25 posts to the group.

    • Send me an email for every new message: You'll get an email anytime someone posts to the group.

    • Tip: If you post something and want to receive updates every time someone responds, check the box next to "Automatically subscribe me to email updates when I post to a topic."


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