New Album "Bluebird Days" Available Now!

Post date: Jun 24, 2020 12:05:38 AM

Bluebird Days album cover

Hello everyone. This is the official Scott Cooley News post to let you know I have a new album I'm proud of that you can listen to right now.

Anyone who might run across my news page will now be aware that I've written and recorded 13 new original songs and the new music is now available. I'm excited that I've put it out there on the web in all the main online places to get music, and that it's now ready to potentially be discovered, enjoyed, and recommended!

I guess you have to actually tell people you have a new album available for them to find out about it, so here is an attempt to do that. This is one of several ways I will be letting the world know that my 9th studio album, "Bluebird Days" is now ready for public consumption.

You will be needing some links, of course, if you want to check it out, so here are some:

Well, that should cover it for the links. Oh, you might want a simple description, so here's that:

The 9th studio album by Scott Cooley, featuring bold acoustic ski bum garage rock songs with traces of folk, blues, funk, punk, psychedelic, reggae, art rock and Americana mostly about wanting to fly high and ski on sunny powder days in the mountains to escape the blues.

I'll even throw in the liner notes for good measure, so here those are:

Copyright Β© & Sound Recording Published β„— 2020 by Scott Cooley. All words & music for all songs written by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved. All songs arranged, produced, recorded, mixed & mastered at Scott Cooley Music Productions studio in Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA by Scott Cooley. All vocals, guitars, bass, ukulele, piano, marimba, harmonica, drums, percussion & whistling performed by Scott Cooley. Studio album released June 21st, 2020 on Scott Cooley Records catalog # SCR09 with cover art photograph by Richard E. Cooley. Total playing time 61 minutes.

That should just about do it. Hope you like it!