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2021 Update:ย  Due to a lack of interest, I no longer maintain a contact list.ย  There's no newsletter anymore either, because hardly anyone has ever signed up for the newsletter or mailing list.ย  Not that I ever actually mailed anything to anyone in postal mail, but email newsletters have now gone the way of the regular mail.ย  You can still add yourself to the Scott Cooley Google Group, which is different from an announcement group, but is pretty much like an email list with topic forum, although hardly anyone has ever signed up for that either, and also I rarely remember to post anything to it, but there is still a free song there.ย  You can discuss topics related to my music there with other people if you want to do such a thing.ย  Furthermore, you can't sign up for the follow by email Blog feed anymore.ย  The feed is there still, but the automated emails to subscribers are no longer supported.ย ย ย 

You just have to remember to go the blog from now on to learn what's new with me.ย  You can still sign up for the RSS feed, but the new version of Google Sites doesn't include the blog capability anymore.ย  Google slowly phases out products and parts of products they maintain based on demand I suppose.ย  I have also retired the News page of this site, because it was redundant to post shorter updates to the News page, and then focus on longer posts to the Blog.ย  I thought, why not just post anything newsworthy about my songwriting and recording and releasing and so forth in one place, and the blog is now that place, I decided. ย  No email newsletters anymore.ย  Guess I'll leave this page posted for posterity's sake.

So, the bottom line is that in lieu of something you can sign up for to automatically and periodically get newsworthy updates and special prices on music and stuff like that, be sure to check out the Blog from time to time, or better yet, bookmark it in your browser, for it is now the single source of newsworthy information about Scott Cooley's music-related activities.

As of 2021, the Blog is the primary news source for Scott Cooley.ย  See, or the Mailing List is still live.ย  Otherwise, this is also a new Newsletter I'm trying out:ย .